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Workshops in Japanese Art & craft

Unique Workshops, Short Courses & private classes

At present, all our workshops (with the exception of private bookings) are conducted at CIT Solutions at Bruce CIT.

For private bookings, please give me a call to make an appointment.

workshops in 2020

Introduction to Sashiko workshops

Sashiko (pronounced sa-she-ko) originally created to serve the purpose of reinforcing clothing during the Edo period of Japan's history. It serves the same purpose as darning does however, instead of trying to hide the mended area, sashiko highlights it and turns it into a focal point of interest on the garment.

It has become very popular today with patchwork, quilt-making and appliqué. Using a simple running stitch, you can make your stitching more complex as your competency grows. Sashiko uses repeating patterns and there are many geometric and nature-inspired patterns that are traditionally associated with sashiko but the art form has evolved greatly over time. 

Origami workshops

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes, objects, animals and other creatures. Origami for jewellery is the same process - just in miniature! It is so much fun to turn your light-as-air paper into beautiful jewellery that lasts. You won’t need any experience, just a bit of patience. In this one day short course we will make two pairs of earrings (one pair of studs, one pair of hooks) plus one brooch, and you will come away with the knowledge of how to continue making origami jewellery at home.

I teach origami for jewellery and for Christmas decorations.

Private classes only, give me a call to make an enquiry.

japanese fabric flowers "tsumami Kanzashi" workshops

Japanese fabric Kanzashi flowers are traditionally used in geisha and maiko hair adornments but in the "western world" we use them to make a Japanese-inspired piece of wearable art.

Make beautiful flowers into earrings, necklaces, brooches, hanging ornaments, belt buckles or wall hangings. The limit is your imagination - it is time for you to unleash your inner maiko!

Up-Cycling with Boro Sashiko workshops

Up-cycling our damaged clothing and everyday items is a great way to renew and revive them and to reduce our impact upon landfill. Learn how to combine the two in this easy beginners course in Boro Sashiko - a Japanese mending technique that uses the thread as a highlight rather than trying to disguise it.

You can "Boro" any non-stretch fabric-based item including bags or hats, jeans, button-up shirts, or even create individual Boro pieces such as wall hangings or table runners. 

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