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My Solo Build It Review (SBI!)

An honest account about how and why I use SBI! to build my online business and how it can help you too!

I decided that it is time I wrote a Solo Build It review. This is my story of how I learned all about SBI! (a website building platform called Solo Build It!) from Sitesell.

Before I do, I have a question for you...

Are you prepared to spend thousands of dollars finding out for yourself how hard it is to be found on the Internet?

Me neither...

and yet...

that's what I did.

Wait.. What ???

Allow me to explain how I am not really a completely irresponsible idiot with my money...

I have never been very comfortable at following the pack and doing the "right" thing. But a lack of self-confidence saw me move through life and do exactly what I didn't like. I progressed through school, went to University, got a job, bought a house, got made redundant (twice), started yet another career, had a child... blah blah blah... all the things you're "supposed" to do in life. But none of it was really "me". I've always felt like something was missing. I didn't like what society told me I was "supposed" to be. I felt like I could never show people who I really am. 

My version of "Impostor Syndrome"!

I felt like I was going through the motions of being an interpreter/ goodwill-ambassador/languages teacher etc., all the while feeling like I was an impostor (then I discovered that there is actually a thing called, "Impostor Syndrome"!)

Early, in my 20's I was diagnosed with an incurable auto-immune disease and which is exacerbated directly by my stress levels but, as I progressed through life feeling like an impostor, my stress increased and so did my health problems. 

This feeling of being an impostor has lead me to pursue how I can take control of my life by starting a business of my own, online.

A business where I feel confident in my ability and knowledge, and that I enjoy doing day in and day out.

PLEase, Don't listen to those "make money online quickly and easily" marketers...


You may have heard seductive ideas like, "the laptop lifestyle", or "4-hour work week", "YouTube marketing courses", "online business marketing success", or even how to make money from home with network marketing (think Pyramid Schemes). These all lead you down a rabbit hole of confusion and you end up shedding a several dollars at each point and turn. Not all are scams (most are though), but all are hard to do. Over the years since 2004 I have tried and failed at all of them, and I estimate that I have spent over $5000 doing so. 

Then I stumbled across SBI! in 2008 and my world changed (OMG how corny does that sound?)

This is another reason why I decided to write a Solo Build It review, because SBI! is the only platform that does everything I needed it to do with support - for free - along the way. 

Creating a successful site is not a fast process but it does have a success blueprint that, if followed consistently, will see your site rank in the search engines, organically. 

And with all the help and support you could ever ask for (and yes, I have often asked them for it!) SBI staff and community forums have all I've ever needed.

They're just the best option out there to create a business you love, online.

Learning all about SBI!  My Solo Build It Review

The 90-day unconditional guarantee was the thing that made me decide to try SBI!, and once I had started with it Sitesell provided me with a 10-day Action Guide which taught me about everything that I had been doing wrongly and how to fix it. It wasn’t even until Day 5 that they recommended I register a business domain name (Hooley Dooley, wait until Day 5??) just to make sure that the domain I chose was well-researched and would be sought-after on the Internet.

Here's an example of what I mean...

It's cool to have a catchy idea for a business name...

until it isn't...

For example: You might have a business name idea such as, "Funky Chicken".
You think it's cool.
Everyone around says to you, "Hey, that's cool!"

And yet...

Your business is in Building Maintenance Services. Nothing about the name, "Funky Chicken" says, "building maintenance services" to your audience. 

SBI! teaches you HOW TO BE FOUND on the Internet with their amazing 10 Day Action Guide. No third-party advertising nor SEO companies required.

(I don't pay for any advertising - yet you found me, didn't you? SBI! taught me how to become visible on the Internet)

A personal example:

Prior to my career as a teacher, it was in 2008 that I started my first successful SBI! website with a local business called Canberra Natural Birth. I had trained as a hypnotherapist and started a business teaching self-hypnosis workshops for childbirth. 

Through the SBI! Action Guide, I learned that "natural birth" was my best keyword option and that "hypnotherapy" was not. However, women didn't mind hypnotherapy as an option for having a natural birth... Consequently, I became the top-ranking "natural birth Canberra" local-business keyword hit on Google in 2010.

I kept this business up for several years only shutting it down in 2012 so that I could change career and become a Japanese teacher.

My Solo Build It experience continued in 2014, when my husband started his own gardening business, Elysian Landscapes.

With my prior success at SBI!, I created his website for him and it continues to be found day after day by people in Canberra looking for a landscape gardener.

Late 2014 my health took a turn such that I could no longer teach full time and this was a major blow to my self-confidence and to the family income. I have limped along in a part-time capacity ever since. Mentally capable of far more than my physical body will permit.

The life of a teacher highlights how fast time is moving and how quickly it slips through your fingers...

Before I knew it, those pimply-faced first year high schoolers, who couldn't find their lockers or their classrooms, were graduating with opportunities to change the world and all the while I was there, watching them grow up so fast, right before my eyes.

I wanted to teach my students to "seize the day", yet I wasn't doing so for myself.

I decided to change this!

Re-evaluating my priorities made me realise that, all I have ever wanted to do was go to Japan, keep learning Japanese, keep experiencing and keep sharing my love for the country, its people, its culture, its art. I am a perpetual student at heart.

So, I bought another Solo Build It! site and made the decision that Japanese Art Adventures would be my creative outlet (aka stress reliever) and I could enjoy keeping it going long into my retirement. Presently, it earns me a small income (it pays for itself plus a bit more), through product sales and workshops I offer.

The idea for Japanese Art Adventures was conceived in 2014 and the site became a reality in 2018. (Yup, it took me a while to get it off the ground - teaching is an all-consuming career!).

I keep chipping away at Japanese Art Adventures using the amazing and ever-improving website building tools that SBI! provide. They manage my mailing list, they email me site health statistics and updates and I act on their recommendations and learn about how the web and search engines like Google are evolving. 

The fact that you have found Japanese Art Adventures through this Solo Build It review on the search engines is testimony to how Sitesell has taught me all about SBI and how to use it effectively, because I have not used any help from any Search Engine Optimisation companies (despite being hounded by calls from India!).

I’ve created this solely with the training provided by Sitesell.  

Thank you for reading my SBI! solo build it review

The following video is an interview of a fellow SBI-er, Elizabeth O'Brien, a woman that I regularly follow because of my interest in grammar, as well as for her success at building her own online business. She followed the SBI! Action Guide like I am, and she learned how best to market her site to her customers without the crazy-expensive "online marketing" courses that are out there these days. It's a 10 minute video, but it's worth taking a look.

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