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sashiko supplies

We have a variety of specific sashiko supplies that will enhance your enjoyment of the craft.

All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD) and postage is calculated on a 500gm domestic prepaid satchel.

sashiko needles

Pair of sashiko needles.

Olympus brand.

1 long 6.5cm

1 short 5cm


sashiko thimbles

Clover brand, plate-style sashiko thimble

Size is adjustable

Goes over your middle finger (either right or left) and is used to guide the needle along when doing the sashiko running stitch.


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kanzashi flowers
(in progress)

  • Brooches
  • Pierced earrings
  • Magnetic glasses hangers
  • Baubles and danglers

origami jewellery
(in progress)

  • Pierced earrings
  • Brooches and pins
  • Necklaces

create your own
with diy kits

  • Sashiko for beginners kit
  • Boro Sashiko mending kit
  • Japanese calligraphy scrolls kit
  • Japanese glass furin bells kit

sashiko supplies

  • Sashiko thimble (plate style)
  • Sashiko needles
  • Sashiko pre-stencilled cloth

art & craft books

  • Sashiko books
  • Kanzashi flowers books
  • Sumie ink painting books
  • Other books

uncategorised items

  • ReaderREST magnetic eyeglass hanger for glasses, earphone wires, and badges etc.

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