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by Azad

dear Georgia Wemyss

hope you be fine and thanks for your email and your guiding.
kindly consider that the item i've send you the photos is a little purse ( made of silk, gold and silver, as it has written in a paper in the purse box ).
there is a little mirror in the purse. my family has bought it several years ago and it is totally flawless and it seems as a unique SAGA-NISHIKI purse that it might be valuable for collections. indeed i don't know the age of item but it seems old. maybe the saga-nishiki old workers knows the right age of the item.
i would appreciate if you can guide me for having more information about the item.
it might be exciting for SAGA-NISHIKI company to have one of their old products. i think it would be enthusiastic for any collectioners also.

i hope you can find the age of the item and have a guess about the value of the item.

eagerly waiting for your answer
don't hesitate to ask any question.

warm regards,


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Dec 23, 2019
by: Anonymous

dear georgia

hope everything goes well and you be fine.

kindly accept my appreciate because of the information you send.
thanks for your kindness and your valuable information you shared.
i will check the link you send.
warm regards

Dec 17, 2019
Thanks for your Saga Nishiki submission!
by: Georgia

Dear Azad,

This is a lovely purse indeed! It does look authentic Saga Nishiki. I love the autumn leaves design, it truly looks beautiful.

As for its age, I could not tell you exactly. There is nothing to indicate how old it is, only that Saga Nishiki was created in approximately 1810, and that this item is made more than 150 years after that (so possibly in the 1960's?).

As for a Saga Nishiki company, I know of none because Saga Nishiki is a craft that is practised by only about 170 Saga local people in the Prefecture. You can see them weaving at the Former Fukuda Residence in downtown Saga, and they sell their creations there as a collective - not as a business, exactly. There is an informational website that you can go to and perhaps contact the ladies who create these pieces however, it is entirely in Japanese.

I think you have a true, handmade gem in your possession. Cherish it!

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