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Japanese Art Adventures Workshop Information, Issue #001
September 27, 2018

Japanese Art Workshop Information

What's New at Japanese Art Adventures?

Kids looking for something different these school holidays? Our Japanese art workshops for children are the answer! Suitable for ages 8 to 12, students will learn about Japanese culture and art, and they'll bring home some beautiful projects to remember their time!

Dates: 8-12 October Time: 9:00am - 12:00 noon Click here for more information about the October School Holiday Workshop

Kanzashi Flowers Workshop

I've recently opened up new workshop bookings to learn how to make Kanzashi Flowers and an Introduction to Sashiko Stitching.

Kanzashi flowers are traditionally used in geiko and maiko hair adornments - it is time for you to unleash your inner maiko! Click here for the Kanzashi Flowers workshop information

Introduction to Sashiko Stitching

Introduction to Sashiko

Sashiko (pronounced sa-she-ko) was created to serve the purpose of reinforcing clothing during the Edo period of Japan's history. It serves the same purpose as darning does however, instead of trying to hide the mended area, sashiko highlights it and turns it into a focal point of interest on the garment. It is a simple running stitch which you can make more complex as your competency grows. Sashiko uses repeating patterns and there are many geometric and nature-inspired patterns that are traditionally associated with sashiko but the art form has evolved greatly over time.

I like to use sashiko to up-cycle old clothing and add a decorative touch. The uses for it are bound only by your imagination! Click here to book for the Introduction to Sashiko workshop!

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