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Autumn at Japanese Art Adventures
May 31, 2019

Winter 2019

@ Japanese Art Adventures


In this email you will find the Winter 2019 edition of the Japanese Art Adventures mail-out. Thank you for subscribing and being a member of this growing community!

It’s cooling down here in the southern hemisphere but in Japan, it's approaching the summertime rainy season called Tsuyu.

It doesn’t rain continuously, but it does rain regularly! Tsuyu goes for several months and due to the increased humidity, a 30℃ day can feel like a sauna!

It’s the season for donning cotton yukata (summer kimono), eating kaki kōri (flavoured shaved ice) and having fun at natsu matsuri (summer festivals).

If you’re travelling to Japan between May and August, it's best to pack lightly and wear layers made from breathable fibres.

What's been happening?

The calendar is updated for Winter and there are some exciting adventures on the horizon.

Click on the link to view the Calendar of Events

Saturday, May 18th in the nation’s capital saw a beautiful, sunny day to go out and (erm... vote... cough-cough!) learn how to do Sashiko!

A lovely class of 11 students piled in to my 5 hour-beginners course and perused the available stencil and thread options. Then they settled in for a fun day getting started with this enjoyable, and sometimes meditative, Japanese craft.

We also shared ideas for sashiko projects, shared photos and stories about travelling in Japan and one student even brought in a stunning indigo parasol embroidered with the Sashiko asanohana pattern, that she had purchased in Takayama!

And finally we touched on what is Boro sashiko and the key differences between the two types of sashiko.

Boro sashiko has almost a cult following amongst up-cyclers and recyclers in Australia and overseas.

Books I recommend for Sashiko can be found here.

Would you like to learn Sashiko with me at CIT?

Here is the link for the details on the CIT courses page

Maybe you would you prefer an online Sashiko course? Please let me know by sending in your suggestions using the Contact and Suggestions page on the website.

What am I working on now?

Up-cycling with Boro Sashiko!

My Sashiko workshops at the CIT have been well-attended and the feedback has been wonderful - such that the CIT have suggested I create a different course for Sashiko!

Boro Sashiko up-cycling will be held as a 3-evening course from June 5th - 19th. I'm working with CIT to have this course as a 6 hour Saturday course in the future.

If you know anyone who might like to try out Boro Sashiko - even if they haven't got a clue or even a needle (I can help them out with a Boro Starter Kit), please let them know about it!

I am inspired by this Boro Sashiko book, from Jessica Marquez, called “Make and Mend”, as well as items I have seen on Instagram with the hashtag #boro.

It is a great book to have for ideas and reference and right now you can get it with free shipping from the Book Depository.

School Holiday

Children's Workshops

During the two weeks of ACT school holidays (July 8-21st) I have organised a series of fun activities for children aged between 8 - 12 years old.

Click here for more information about the School Holiday Workshops

We’ll be doing beginners manga drawing workshops, boro sashiko for kids, and geisha flowers.

I’m ready to take enrolments now! Further advertisements will come out in the Holiday Happenings booklet from the 7th June.

Holiday Happenings online booklet

Japanese Art Adventures + Voyagin

Japanese Art Adventures has partnered with Voyagin for travel, restaurant, JR Rail Passes and adventure bookings in Japan!

Voyagin is an online travel marketplace to help you discover and book the best things to do, attraction tickets, and unique local tours. They help you experience something new and create memories that will last a lifetime.

They offer some amazing activities, discounted tickets, JR Rail passes, WIFI routers, and so much more and it is a great place to buy many highly sought-after tickets in advance.

Japanese Art Adventures has begun using them for many of our experiences whenever we personally travel to Japan. Voyagin’s rates are very competitive and some of the activities are one of a kind!

Check out Voyagin here

Art and Craft Tours to Japan 2020

The next available Art and Craft Tour to Japan is in October 2020 and I am still accepting registrations for this one. Registrations must be accompanied by $700 per person deposit to secure your place, and full payment is due 6 months before departure.

I am also accepting bookings up to 2 years in advance, so if you would like to go on the tours in 2021, you can secure your place now!

Visit the Art and Craft Tours page on the website.

And finally…

A call for your input!

As I grow this little business of mine I am always on the lookout for topics, products and information that my readers would like to know more about.

So, is there something that you think I should do, or perhaps I already do it but you want me to go deeper with?

Are there products or books that you are looking for that will help you in your “crafty” journey?

Is there information about Japan or its culture that you would like more specific details on?

I am always grateful to hear your suggestions, please click on this link to go to my contact page to help me out!

As always, I would love for you to forward this email on to anyone you believe would enjoy reading it! Thank you!

Adventure on!

Georgia -sensei.

Disclaimer: This newsletter contains affiliate links to products I own, use and love. If you purchase something after clicking on one of these links then I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you! Thank you!
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