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let's go on a
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Are you ready to have a Japanese art adventure? If so, read on (and check the latest photos on the blog too!)

Japanese art has a rich and long history and spans all the traditional social classes. There are functional arts like sashiko - traditionally used to mend clothing; specific arts like kanzashi floral hair decorations for geisha and maiko; everyday ceramics and precious ceramics all the way to expensive arts like brocade, gold leaf lacquer-ware and silk painting for kimono.

I am inspired by all kinds of arts from Japan and on this website I will showcase some that I have experimented with and offer instructions on how you can try them out too! I hope you find them inspirational to get your creativity flowing and that you give them a try and share your art here too!

How to use Japanese Art Adventures

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step 3:
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Found something you like?
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also, please check the calendar of events for dates and workshops!

Click on the links in the navigation to learn about some of the arts and crafts I have already showcased. Read about the arts, crafts and traditions of Japan that I have had the opportunity to try and document, then get inspired and try them out for yourself!

I also have a Facebook Page, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram to showcase what I'm working on at the moment with photos!

I hope you enjoy looking around!

Adventure on!


experience Japanese arts and crafts for yourself
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